About Alexander

Alexander Lindsay was born in Ayrshire, Scotland. As an international journalist he has lived and worked in the Middle East, New York, Paris, the UK, Ireland and the Greek Islands. Based in Belfast, he covered the Northern Ireland conflict as staff correspondent for the Sunday Express, during which time his main claim to fame was being ignominiously blown off the lavatory seat by an IRA bomb at his office. He sustained moderate injuries to his head and major ones to his dignity. He has been newspaper and magazine editor, newspaper proprietor, restaurant critic, national newspaper theatre critic, feature writer and magazine columnist.

He has covered major UK stories ranging from the scene of the Lockerbie air disaster, to the hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper.

On a lighter note, his assignments have included:

•Flying as part of a trapeze act.
•Doing battle as a knight at Camelot. (Sir Lackalot, the Shortest Knight of the Year.)
•Gaining a private pilot’s licence.
•Driving the Flying Scotsman.
•Having an ice cream named after him upon challenging the Italian national champion to make the most bizarre, but still palatable, flavour imaginable. Result: Gelato Alexander, a somewhat academic concoction of Gorgonzola cheese and onion.