Alexander LindsayWelcome to Alexanderlindsay.com., the official site of author and journalist Alexander Lindsay. Come in, make yourself and home, have a cup of tea and feel free to browse at your leisure.

Take time to stop by my new novel, DOLLAR, which is due out on April 30, 2012 from Robert Hale Ltd. London.

DOLLAR is an upmarket thriller and love story unfolding against the backdrop of the true story of the boldest gamble any nation has ever undertaken. It’s a fascinating read, and you can get a sneak preview of the first chapter  and a précis of the book to whet your appetite.

Then check out a selection of my Style magazine columns, Lindsay at Large, a quirky, sideways look at the way we live life today.

You’ll probably need another cup of tea before delving into a selection of my personal favourite short stories. I’ve picked them because, although I wrote them some years ago, they are still as fresh and relevant today.

Happy reading!